The Wooly Nest

The Wooly Nest

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April 1st

Well here we are starting a brand new month.  Have you had any jokes pulled on you yet?   I did read something on facebook that I fell for - but then realized it was a joke for April Fools day.  

Well how was your week last week - did you get some sewing time in - start some fun spring projects - clean out your area?  Hopefully you had some type of contact with your favorite hobby.  Even cleaning and organizing your nest can be a happy time.  If your like me you find all kinds of things you forgot you had lol.  Hubby and I went on a wonderful vacation to the caribbean with several close friends and had a great time with lots of relaxation and laughs.  We also both brought home colds - thankfully right at the end of the trip.  Sometimes thats how it rolls - right?  It was worth it to be in the sun and heat.  I even got a little stitching done when I needed out of the sun because it was hot - can you believe it - being to hot - it was great lol.

I'm pleased to say that the workshop with Gail Pan is now full and I've started a waiting list.  Thank you to everyone who signed up for it.  My plan is to offer you a fun inspiring evening with Gail with a little bit of handwork, eye candy and some good food.  So if your still interested and missed signing up just send me your name and I will add it to the list.  I might be able to squeeze a couple more in but I won't know until later on.  I want there to be plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

So I'm continuing with the destashing of a few more things.  Today I listed some wool bundles and small fat quarter fabric bundles.

As I said before - I really have no need anymore for small pieces of wool or fat quarters of fabric.  Any kitting I do I start with large pieces of both and to have these sitting around just doesn't make much sense to me.  I also found a few more marking pencils, glue sticks and a couple of packages of binder clips.  I also marked down a couple of spring kits that you can still have ready for this spring.  I'm getting close to being where I want to be with my stock - but next week will still bring a few more bundles of wool and fabric and then that should be it.  Frankly I've run out of energy to list anymore and it's time to rest a bit.  Coughing sure wears a person out.

So enjoy the week and I hope your Easter is a blessed time with family, friends or both.

See you next Wednesday and I hope any spare time you have is spent with needle and thread.

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