The Wooly Nest

The Wooly Nest

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Here we go again - it's Wednesday already.  I can't believe how fast the weeks are going.  This morning my sister was talking to me about a wedding shower for our future DIL.  So between the 3 of us the earliest date is the end of June - how crazy is that.  Life sure can get busy can't it.  The wedding ceremony will be held here at our home lakeside the middle of July - which means 3 months.  There was just a slight nudge of panic that set in this morning - one of many I'm sure.

Thank you for all your orders last week.  Everything shipped out on Monday - priority mail so many of you may even see it today.  I normally try to ship in 1-2 days - but this last grouping I put 1-3 days as I was under the weather last week.  Both the hubs and I are feeling better but not 100% yet - but moving in the right direction - I guess that's all you can ask.

This week it's a little quieter on the website.  I've listed a couple of quilt kits from my friend that come packaged in darling little wooden boxes.  First up is a quilt called Pure Joy and made up in Kansas Troubles Fabrics.  The border is a black
It comes packaged in this cute little wooden box
Next up is Brick Wall of Wabash County by Sew Unique Creations
also comes boxed up in this cute little wooden box

Otherwise that's all that's new on my end - other than shipping it's been a bit quiet on the sewing front - which I hope to change tomorrow and get into the nest and start something.  I did finish up my 3 blocks for my monthly challenge that I'm doing with a couple of friends - Anne - Cottons/Wool and No Blog Sandy. This is a From My Heart to Your Hands pattern called Fit to Frame #6 Here are mine from this months challenge
and these were from last month -

Head on over to Anne's blog and check out their blocks.  I'm doing mine in a mixture of cottons and wools on cotton backgrounds.  They are doing theirs all in wool and on cotton backgrounds - fun to see how different they can look.  So for me a little wool and a little needle turn applique - my favorite mix?  Maybe I should consider kitting these up - any interest.

Hope your all enjoying some needle and thread time.  It's good for the soul.  See you next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Happy April 1st

Well here we are starting a brand new month.  Have you had any jokes pulled on you yet?   I did read something on facebook that I fell for - but then realized it was a joke for April Fools day.  

Well how was your week last week - did you get some sewing time in - start some fun spring projects - clean out your area?  Hopefully you had some type of contact with your favorite hobby.  Even cleaning and organizing your nest can be a happy time.  If your like me you find all kinds of things you forgot you had lol.  Hubby and I went on a wonderful vacation to the caribbean with several close friends and had a great time with lots of relaxation and laughs.  We also both brought home colds - thankfully right at the end of the trip.  Sometimes thats how it rolls - right?  It was worth it to be in the sun and heat.  I even got a little stitching done when I needed out of the sun because it was hot - can you believe it - being to hot - it was great lol.

I'm pleased to say that the workshop with Gail Pan is now full and I've started a waiting list.  Thank you to everyone who signed up for it.  My plan is to offer you a fun inspiring evening with Gail with a little bit of handwork, eye candy and some good food.  So if your still interested and missed signing up just send me your name and I will add it to the list.  I might be able to squeeze a couple more in but I won't know until later on.  I want there to be plenty of room for everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves.

So I'm continuing with the destashing of a few more things.  Today I listed some wool bundles and small fat quarter fabric bundles.

As I said before - I really have no need anymore for small pieces of wool or fat quarters of fabric.  Any kitting I do I start with large pieces of both and to have these sitting around just doesn't make much sense to me.  I also found a few more marking pencils, glue sticks and a couple of packages of binder clips.  I also marked down a couple of spring kits that you can still have ready for this spring.  I'm getting close to being where I want to be with my stock - but next week will still bring a few more bundles of wool and fabric and then that should be it.  Frankly I've run out of energy to list anymore and it's time to rest a bit.  Coughing sure wears a person out.

So enjoy the week and I hope your Easter is a blessed time with family, friends or both.

See you next Wednesday and I hope any spare time you have is spent with needle and thread.