The Wooly Nest

The Wooly Nest

Monday, June 15, 2015

Happy Monday

WOW I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted.  I certainly didn't mean to be gone that long - but it's been busy with lots of different things going on.  

So a little business first - For those of you who ordered books/patterns at the Gail Pan workshop  they arrived while I was in Duluth last week for the quilt show.  Today I shipped them all out so you should see them in your mailbox by Thursday. 

As you know No Blog Sandy and Anne/Cottons-n-Wools came to visit right before quilt market.  (The plan right now is for me to head out next July to visit them and head to the quilt show in Sisters - that will be fun)

We sure had fun and lots of laughs.  The last day before Sandy had to head home I took them on a road trip to a few shops with Quilt Haven in Hutchinson and Sewing Seeds in New Ulm to name a few
 Market was fun and always inspiring to see so many wonderful things under one roof.  Yes I did do a little purchasing but mostly patterns for future projects.

After quilt market Gail Pan came back with me to teach her workshop on embroidery and applique

That was such a fun night.  I only wish I could have sat in on the lesson and learn a few tips myself.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves and certainly enjoyed listening and visiting with Gail.

Its been busy around the Farmhouse and I have to admit there has been little sewing going on.  I think I've mentioned that the youngestfarmhouseson is getting married here the early part of July.  With the weather nice outside work has kicked in as well as getting things finished  inside - time is ticking.  My future DIL wanted an arbor built for the ceremony - so hubby and a friend got that taken care of last week.  Here they are hard at work.  The end result was exactly what she wanted and there will be fresh flowers on part of it.
I've been shopping for flowers and the pots are starting to fill in and bloom and hopefully I can keep them looking good for the wedding
 We are so excited and honored that they choose to have the ceremony here.  This is a special place for them and now it will be part of a very special moment in their lives ..... as well as ours. 

So what's new at Farmhouse Woolens - not much lol.  My plan for now is to concentrate on the wedding coming up and put Farmhouse Woolens on vacation.  I have family that will be staying here during the wedding, a grooms dinner we are hosting here as well as other moments that need to be planned and taken care of.  My list is long lol.   Plus a couple of grandbabies I want to enjoy lake time with.  After thinking about things I've decided to take what's left of the summer after the wedding off - I'm going on a staycation and plan on enjoying the lake and hopefully beautiful weather.  I know your all in the same boat - trying to be outside as much as you can during the short time we have summer around and sewing is put on the back burner. Many of you have gardens of both flowers and vegies - they don't take care of themselves do they.  What I will be doing tho is stitching up some samples and getting my ducks in a row for the autumn/holiday season.  I do hope to give you sneak peeks during the summer of things to come and touch base every now and then during the summer just to stay in touch.  I'm also going to be working on a fun Christmas Gathering up in the nest that I hope you might be interested in.  There won't be a guest teacher - but it will be a day full of inspiration to help you kick start the fall/holiday season.  Look for details around the end of August here on the blog.  My time frame for this event will be sometime towards the end of October.  I so enjoyed the workshop with Gail Pan up in the nest that I want to offer something like that again with a holiday spin.

So enjoy your summer and be safe if you have trips planned.  I hope you can sneak in some needle and thread time - a few stitches here and there really add up to a finished project.  I'm looking forward to a beautiful wedding for our son and future DIL.  No matter what the day brings, memories will be made and they will be married.  I plan on enjoying the ride getting there and the arrival lol.  Afterwards I look forward to some heavy needle and thread time.

Happy Summer

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  1. Thanks for all of the fun, the laughs and sharing your home with us. What fun we had. Your summer plans sound wonderful, enjoy them to the fullest. The wedding, wow, what fun that will be and the memories will be great. The arbor is beautiful and the flowers also. Have a great time and talk soon.