The Wooly Nest

The Wooly Nest

Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome to the Blog

Well if you came here from the newsletter - yahoooo you made it.  This will be the beginning of my blogging for Farmhouse Woolens rather than a newsletter.  I hope that this will be a better way of showing you what's new by sharing pictures in this format as well as easier for you to refer back to if you have any questions.  I will also be starting the transition to an Etsy site rather than a website.  The link to the Etsy site is on the sidebar.   Change is always a little hard to get used to - but in the long run it will be more efficient for everyone and nothing cluttering up your inbox.

Starting next Wednesday there will be a weekly blog post (every Wednesday)  to either show you something new coming up, something new listed on the etsy site as well as a flash sale.  I feel the need to lower some of my inventory and clear out some kits, fabric and wool.  Wednesdays will be the day to check it out and it will be marked as a Flash Sale in the title of the item so there's no confusion on which one it is.  There will be some good deals to be had in all categories but quantities will be limited

So what's new right now at the Farmhouse.  A few kits for Saltbox Sampler

And a couple of sweet bunny projects to help you look forward to spring.  Info for these 3 projects is on the etsy site.

I have some fun kits coming your way over the next few days as I plow through the mess from vending last weekend and get organized to share them with you.  

So until next Wednesday - have a wonderful weekend and I hope it involves needle and thread for at least for a few minutes.  Those few minutes can sure add up.


  1. How wonderful! Good luck with all the new changes!!

  2. The hanger for the bunny stitchery is very cute. Do you sell or have a source? Thanks.

    1. Hi Barb - if you can send me your email I will send it on to the person who makes those hangers and then you can both visit about it.

  3. I found you and will be a follower Karen!